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Руслан Хазарзар

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Школьное сочинение [ноя. 16, 2008|04:38 am]
Руслан Хазарзар

When you look at pictures of Jesus He’s always wandering around ancient Israel in a sheet. It never rains there and you never hear of anyone coughing or getting consumption or anything like that and no one has a job there because all they do is stand around and eat manna and shake their fists and go to crucifixions. Anytime Jesus got hungry all He had to do was walk up the road to a fig tree or an orange tree and have His fill. If He wanted a pint He could wave His hand over a big glass and there was the pint. Or He could visit Mary Magdalene and her sister, Martha, and they’d give Him His dinner no questions asked... It’s a good thing Jesus decided to be born Jewish in that warm place because if he was born in Limerick he’d catch the consumption and be dead in a month and there wouldn’t be any Catholic Church and there wouldn’t be any Communion or Confirmation and we wouldn’t have to learn the catechism and write compositions about Him.

Frank McCourt, «Angela’s ashes»


From: botatun
2008-11-20 02:21 am
Subject of Jesus visit Mary Magdalene and Martha was not throughly discribed - B+.
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From: botatun
2008-11-20 02:27 am
Мне нравится, что у католиков тоже было чувство юмора, и главный герой попал в тот класс который хотел.
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